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My name is Maurice Randall and I have been developing quality software since 1983. My original work was aimed primarily at the Commodore line of computers, most notably the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128. I was heavily involved in creating software for the GEOS operating system and successfully wrote the only fax software ever for the Commodore 64.

In case you are wondering what "cmdrkey" in my email address stands for, I started out programming a long, long time ago on a Commodore VIC-20 computer and then a Commodore 64 and Commodore 128. I did a great deal of programming on those computers and learned how to write good efficient code, much of it in assembly language. Anyway, you know how Windows computers have a "Windows" key? Well, Microsoft got the idea from Commodore because the Commodore computers all have a "Commodore" key that has the Commodore logo on it. Some of them have Commodore abbreviated as "CMDR", and that is where my email address comes from.

Here are my current projects for the AndroidTM operating system.


BigVEncoder logo
BigVEncoder was the first AndroidTM app that could stream live video from your AndroidTM device to the internet. The first version was released in 2011 and has gradually evolved into the powerful and professional app that it is today. It is now a full blown camera app that can stream live video, record video, shoot still photos, record audio, stream live audio to Icecast servers, convert existing videos and photos, and much more.
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TubeStreamer logo
TubeStreamer began as a stripped down version of BigVEncoder and then was tailored just for streaming live video from your AndroidTM camera to YouTubeTM. This has been around since 2015 and was the first AndroidTM app that was able to stream from your AndroidTM camera to YouTubeTM Live. It contains many features including the ability to create new events. While streaming, from TubeStreamer's camera screen, you can start and stop the event. You can add your own watermarks along with other special effects such as text and graphic overlays.
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