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BigVEncoder Overview

Work on BigVEncoder began in 2011 and was originally written for AndroidTM 2.2. The AndroidTM devices were nowhere near as powerful then as they are today. However, with some clever coding, I was able to grab frames from the camera and audio from the microphone and pack them into an flv format to stream to various types of media servers on the Internet. The original purpose was for streaming to a server running Wowza software. Other types of servers also worked such as the open source Red5 server software. When YouTubeTM began allowing live streaming, all you had to do was enter the stream name of the live event and you could stream live video to YouTubeTM.

Today, BigVEncoder can do much more. It can shoot still photos in just about any resolution you would like. You can create anything from a small passport photo up to a huge poster. Several different formats are available.

If you have your own internet radio show using Icecast, you can use BigVEncoder to stream live audio to your Icecast server.

BigVEncoder can record videos from the camera in many different formats. If you thought only MP4 files were possible, you were wrong. You can pick the format you want such as DVD video, flv, mp4, mpegts, avi, and more.

Rather than using the camera, you can use BigVEncoder to pull in video from a file on your device or a file on the internet, or even another live stream on the internet. You can then stream that video to a file on your device or to the internet.

BigVEncoder has a remote control mode where you can use one AndroidTM device to control another device. Both devices can be anywhere in the world as long as both have internet access.




Open Source Software Downloads

Most of the work being performed within BigVEncoder was created by myself. All the camera work including the processing of each individual frame is my own original software. However, some of the other processes is done by other open source software projects such as FFMPEG and some others. The software used by these projects can be downloaded from this site, or if you prefer the absolute latest, links are provided to each project where you can get the latest versions.

FFMPEG is used for packaging the video and audio code into a format file that can either be saved to a file on the device or streamed over the internet. It is also used for converting files from one format to another. It is used for probing a file or internet source to discover information about the file format and what is contained in the file such as H264, the resolution, bitrate, etc.
Download   Website

libx264 is used when converting existing video code to H264.
Download   Website

libx265 is used when converting existing video code to H265.
Download   Website

The LAME Project
libmp3lame is used when converting existing audio code to mp3.
Download   Website

libopencore-amrnb and libopencore-amrwb is used when decoding amrnb or amrwb audio code.
Download   Website

libvo-amrwb is also used when converting existing audio code to amrwb.
Download   Website

WebM Project
libvpx is used when converting existing video code to VP8/VP9.
Download   Website

libvorbis is used when converting existing audio code to Ogg Vorbis audio.
Download   Website

libtheora is used when converting existing video code to Ogg Theora video.
Download   Website