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TubeStreamer Overview

When YouTubeTM began to allow live streaming, the only software available that could do the task was running on desktop computers. BigVEncoder running on an AndroidTM could stream live to YouTubeTM once you plugged in the correct rtmp address and stream name. However, you still had to use a desktop computer to log into the YouTubeTM website to create an event as well as start it and stop it. This was not very handy. I saw a need for a dedicated app running on an AndroidTM cell phone for not only the live streaming but also for the event handling. Along came TubeStreamer. I started with a copy of BigVEncoder and stripped out all the stuff I didn't need. I only needed the ability for live streaming. I then added all the code needed for accessing YouTubeTM directly in order to deal with the event handling. And in 2015, TubeStreamer came to life on the AndroidTM.

For TubeStreamer to be able to create, start, stop, edit, and delete new live events, it must be allowed to access this portion of your YouTubeTM account. With your permission, you can perform these functions from within TubeStreamer making it very handy to do all of your live streaming work from within one single app. To give permission to TubeStreamer, you can sign in to your YouTubeTM account from TubeStreamer's "Events" page. This is also where you can select a different channel if you have more than one YouTubeTM channel. TubeStreamer does not access any of your personal information, it only performs the functions that you initiate yourself such as creating a new live event, starting and stopping the event, etc. TubeStreamer will access the channel name and display it on the Events page so that you know which channel you are currently accessing.



Open Source Software Downloads

Most of the work being performed within TubeStreamer was created by myself. All the camera work including the processing of each individual frame is my own original software. However, some of the other processes is done by other open source software projects such as FFMPEG, but very little in the case of TubeStreamer. The software used by these projects can be downloaded from this site, or if you prefer the absolute latest, links are provided to each project where you can get the latest versions.

FFMPEG is used for packaging the video and audio code into an rtmp format for streaming to YouTubeTM. It is also used for AAC audio encoding as well as decoding all other audio formats except for amrnb and amrwb.
Download   Website

libopencore-amrnb and libopencore-amrwb is used when decoding amrnb or amrwb audio code.
Download   Website



TubeStreamer Terms Of Service